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January seafood exports up 14%

May 1/2016, the total export value of aquatic products reached 578.4 million, up 14.1%. Looking at growth figures since the start of many companies hoping to export activities will be a year of export "godspeed" more. However, certainly this year when step closer to playing wide integration, Vietnam's fisheries exports will encounter many difficulties.

If month 1/2015, export value of three key products are: shrimp, tuna fish and a sharp decline of 20.3%; 12.2% and 21.8% compared with the same period last year to January this year, export value of most major export products increased compared to the same period of 2015, shrimp exports increased by 10.2%; Fish exports increased by 8.3%; tuna increased by 11%; Other types of fish rose by 32.2%; molluscs 12.7%; crabs and other crustaceans increased 46.3%.
Shrimp export value in 2015 the biggest drop in the structure of aquatic products exports: 25.3%, reaching $ 2.95 billion and accounted for 44%. In particular, white shrimp exports still account for 59% to 1.74 billion, down 25% from last year. Exports accounted for 32.6% prawn with 963 million, down 30.5%. 2015, export prices fell and low, Vietnam shrimp can not compete on price with shrimp floating India, Thailand, China and Indonesia. Domestic prices of raw shrimp months export shrimp prices higher. In 2015, Vietnam was the shrimp import markets of India 2nd largest after the US market only.
Thanks to efforts to balance the domestic production, imports and increasing exports of raw materials, May 1/2016, export value increased by better shrimp, which exports up 4.7% white legs and black tiger shrimp export value up 22 , 6% compared to March 1/2015.
May 1/2016, catfish export value of 149.3 million, up 8.3% compared to the same period last year. However, fish exports increased at this time not to say anything for the whole year 2016. The forecast, Pangasius export to the US market will decrease this year. Most confusion for Pangasius export companies this year is the United States Department of Agriculture (FSIS) announced the decision about deploying Monitoring Program catfish to the US catfish imports. This provision came into effect from May 3/2016 (90 days after the Federal Official Gazette). Effective timeline is also the start of the transition period of 18 months for the producers in the country and abroad.
Before the United States will apply the monitoring program catfish from May 3/2016, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat has directed measures to ensure no export activities interrupt. The latest, dated 01.11.2016, Quality Management Department of Agriculture and Forestry-Fisheries organized a discussion meeting with representatives of the International Cooperation Department, General Department of Seafood, Department of Animal Health, Association Assembly Processing and Vietnam Seafood Exporters (VASEP), Vietnam catfish Association. The meeting agreed on the selection criteria Pangasius processing enterprises on the list registered with the US Food Safety Inspectorate (FSIS) before the date of 01/3/2016 and complete the documents submitted to FSIS for review equivalent program catfish inspection United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Law in 2014.
Even months 1/2016, export value of seafood products for export groups to grow quite well: tuna exports reached 36.8 million, up 11%; Other types of fish to reach 105.9 million, up 32.2%; octopus reach 38.4 million, up 9.8% and bivalve mollusks reached 7.26 million, up 33.5%; Crabs and other crustaceans reached 13 million, up 46.3% over the same period last year.
May 1/2016, seafood export value of many large markets with high growth potential: exports to the US market up 26.4%; EU increased by 5.7%; Japan increased by 4.7%; China and Hong Kong rose 41.6%; ASEAN increased by 35.2%; Korea up 12.3%; Australia rose 5.9%. But the value of exports to Canada decreased 37.7%; Taiwan decreased 20.3%; Mexico decreased 25% compared to the same period last year.
In 2016, exports of shrimp, tuna fish and forecast continued difficulties in importing markets, competitiveness, prices and instability in consumption. Therefore, even if the companies have hope and optimism for a better new year, but exports to the destination earlier than planned seafood businesses are forced to overcome many barriers to adult.

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